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Inspirational Winners


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Making the Most of Our Minds

October 10, 2022

It is said by many that all we need to do is identify what makes us happy and then work hard to get and keep those things. Unfortunately, this is where anxiety and excess can get in the way ..…again! We fear losing what we […]

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The Misery Paradox

September 21, 2022

What do you like? Who do you like? What do you love? Who do you love? If we were surrounded all the time by what we like and the people we love, logic says we would be happy. Why is this not then always true? […]

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September 5, 2022

As the kids return to school, it may be an opportune time to consider the rules that we, as adults, choose to follow. Teachers used to tell us when to stand up, sit down, when to do what at school. Parents told us when to […]

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August 23, 2022

Always remember this! Grapes must be crushed to make wine Diamonds form under pressure Olives are pressed to release oil Seeds grow in darkness  Whenever you feel crushed, under pressure, pressed or in darkness, remember you’re in a powerful place of transformation. Trust the process, […]

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Relax – no guilt allowed!

July 18, 2022

Sometimes, we can feel out of control, driven relentlessly by an unending cycle of activity. When this happens, we may sense a desperate little child running from one room into the next, trying to find someone to hold them. Yet whenever we want to slow […]

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June 7, 2022

Things can only get better! Never underestimate the POWER you have lying dormant within you! In Bengali, Hindi and Urdu, we call this inner power, SHAKTI, originating from the old Sanskrit language. It translates into English as energy, ability, strength, effort, power and capability.  Shakti […]

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Laugh, Sing & Dance!

May 2, 2022

Everyone knows that a contented life requires good health. A proper diet, some regime of exercise and sufficient rest are all necessary to keep our bodies strong and fit. If we neglect these demands, our bodies become weakened and resistance wanes. Susceptible, because of reduced […]

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Soothe your Senses

April 12, 2022

TOUCH Take a warm bubble bath Make time for a massage Cuddle your pet Feel the sun’s rays on your face Put on clothing that has a soft, luxurious feel to it     TASTE Sip a cup of something hot: tea, cocoa, coffee, whatever, […]

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When things don’t work…..

March 15, 2022

Frequently, when faced with challenges, we may attempt to solve it in a particular way: in a way that doesn’t always work – yet we continue to hammer away, in exactly the same way. We may get frustrated, work even harder, get more frustrated and […]

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True Love

February 14, 2022

True love is love without limits – love without conditions. Treating yourself with love is completely accepting yourself, exactly as you are, despite any conversation in your mind about how you should be or what you should have done. Most of us know about love […]

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