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Inspirational Winners


Unleash the Power of your Subconscious Mind to Maximise your Potential

We live in a world, driven by change – the people who prosper and the companies that succeed are those who constantly transform and reinvent themselves.

Inspirational Winners prides itself in being able to ignite human potential in such a way that people develop quickly, sustain the results they achieve and then have the effects last by learning how to develop faster than the rate of change itself.

Harnessing Change

To empower at individual, team and organisational levels, we focus on attitude and mindset, dispelling the myths surrounding the whole concept of “change management”. Our workshops are designed to inspire people to take action, delivering strategy in a nutshell by identifying mission, ethics and intent. As we embark on this road to reinvention and work through the process, people find themselves regaining clarity, establishing greater control, discovering new choices, becoming fully committed to securing a new future.

Psychometric Profiling

To support the recruitment process, enhance career development and identify team fit with the use of a range of appropriately chosen psychometric instruments:

  • Hogan – Personality profiling, HPI, MVPI, HDS
  • TEIQue – Emotional Intelligence profiling
  • TetraMap – Behaviour profiling as nature intended
  • MBTI – Myers Briggs Type Indicator
  • LVI – Leadership Versatility Index


The successful application of neuroscience and hypnotherapy are proving highly beneficial for:

  • Anger management
  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Weight loss
  • Smoking cessation
  • Anxiety and phobia management
  • Sleep pattern disruption
  • Rest and relaxation