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Inspirational Winners

About Inspirational Winners

Based in the north of England and working with clients across the country since 2008, Inspirational Winners has truly earned the reputation of change enabler, supporting people from all walks of life to aim high and achieve more. Inspiring people to create winning lives for themselves by developing and fulfilling potential brings with it its own rewards...

Our Style

Inspirational Winners’ unique style of intuitive coaching is an interactive process that helps individuals and organisations to develop rapidly.

We work with clients in any area of their lives during times of change, including business, career, finances, health & fitness, creative projects, life balance and planning and any form of transition.

We will work in partnership with you to identify what is required to support you in creating and achieving your personal and professional vision.

We are future-focused and challenge the status quo with balance, passion and encouragement.

With high energy, intuition, humour and insight, we create powerful and responsive connections with which to move on, so inspiring people to create winning lives.

Our Focus

Our focus is to ensure that we support people in the creation of a compelling vision for their future at both a personal and professional level. We do this by:

  • creating solutions and strategies that work
  • enhancing effectiveness and productivity
  • assisting with career development
  • managing stress and work-life balance issues
  • maximising employee potential
  • increasing job satisfaction and employee retention
  • providing support during role transition
  • presenting an objective perspective
  • developing training relevant to organisational goals
  • implementing change that is willingly accepted and therefore sticks

Our Philosophy

"Listen to Your Body, Open Your Heart, Make the Most of Your Mind & Free Your Spirit"

Applying this holistic ethos, both personally and professionally, we work only as nature intended, so inspiring people to create winning lives.