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Body image

How would you like to unlock the secret to a better body image? Whether your goal is to slip into your dream outfit this Christmas or just love and appreciate the body you have right now, there are lots of simple ways you can move towards a happier, more positive you.

Let go of perfection

Whenever you start something new, something that takes you out of your comfort zone, chances are that you’ll want to do it perfectly. You may throw yourself into it completely and want to get everything right first time. While there will be many, many times when things go right, there will also be times when you trip up, make mistakes or veer off-path. Remember, just because one thing goes wrong, (“I had a blow-out and ate that entire packet of biscuits!”) it doesn’t mean everything has gone wrong (“My whole diet is ruined, I might as well give up now!”) The trick is to forgive yourself, not to beat yourself up, and therefore learn from it. It’s also a good idea to put a strategy in place so you don’t slip up next time. Then draw a line under it and move on with your goal of a better body image.

Celebrate every little success

Whatever your goal, it’s good to set specific targets and measure your progress as you work towards them. Break down each challenge into realistic bite-size chunks, plot them as you go and celebrate each and every step of the way. Ladies, if you’re not quite ready to slip into that slinky dress just yet, you might be ready to invest in some gorgeous new underwear to support your changing shape, or a new hairstyle to show off your slimmer face. Fellas, the same applies to you, however you’re suited and/or unbooted! All of you, just make sure there are treats along the way to keep the momentum going as you head towards your ultimate body image goal.

Daily positive affirmations

If you’re prone to listening to your inner critic – that harsh, disapproving voice inside, responsible for sapping our self-confidence and potential – learn to nip those negative thoughts in the bud by replacing them with positive affirmations – it’s an empowering skill to develop. Using an affirmation is a regular reminder that there is a much kinder, more forgiving and encouraging way to treat yourself. Start by working out exactly what you want to focus on and build an affirmation around it. For example, “I’m ready to be fit, healthy and happy.” Say it out loud in front of a mirror or write it down as soon as you feel those unproductive thoughts coming on. Repeat on a regular basis and remember, if you wouldn’t say it to a friend, then don’t say it to yourself!

Stay in your own lane

Whilst working towards your goal, there’s no doubt that friendship and camaraderie are great for support, and of course, it’s good to look to those we admire for motivation. It’s when we start directly comparing ourselves unfavourably to others that our self-esteem can suffer and set us back from reaching our individual, personal goals. Instead, simply focus on being the best version of you. Stay in your own lane and enjoy your own unique body image journey.


For an aromatherapy blend that’s bursting with freshness, cheerfulness and positivity, this trio of fruity oils will give you a new zest for life! Grapefruit, orange and bergamot blend well together to help clear your thoughts, lift any feelings of apathy and will lend you the confidence to work towards reaching your new goals. Burn a candle or add a few drops of each to a diffuser and scent the room whenever you feel in need of body image confidence or add a few drops into your bath.

Daily gratitude

Whatever and however you feel about your body image right now, there will definitely be some elements of it that you do feel comfortable with……. No? ….well, look harder! Thinking about the bits you might not be too happy with, there are lots of reasons why they could be a blessing. For instance, your stomach may not be as flat or as toned as you’d like, but have you survived major surgery or been blessed with the gift of a child? Maybe you think your thighs are too wobbly, but have these legs taken you across the finish line of a charity walk or race, or enabled you to see some of the most fabulous sights in the world?

Next time you feel you’re lacking in confidence, have a go at looking at things from a totally different perspective. Practise learning to love and appreciate all the remarkable things your body does for you every single day no matter how you’re feeling. It is truly amazing! You are amazing!! So, stay amazing!!!


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