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Perspective is everything

You are who you are and what you are, not because of your past, but because of your perspective. Go on, just breathe in deeply and take this message in.

To understand the power of your perspective is to begin to take charge of your thoughts and your reality. Your perspective creates your thoughts and your thoughts create everything – and the way to control these thoughts, if you want to, is to change your perspective.

Take on a different perspective and you will have a different thought about everything.

Pause for a moment and reflect on your perspective right now. You’ll notice that you have your own take on everything: a view on you, who you are, other people, the world, what your future holds, in fact everything. It’s like a filter through which you look at life. It colours everything. All that matters is that you take charge of that perspective and ensure that it’s pointing in the right direction, i.e. the one you want to be heading, for the life you want to be living.

The challenge is to commit yourself to a way of life that really suits YOU. It begins with the question, what do I really want? Ensure that your perspective of yourself allows you to pull this off. Do the work required on your own psychology first. Establish who you really need to be to live the life of your dreams and what characteristics you need to develop before you start striving on all the doing and goal-setting! It’s never just what you do that gets you what you want in life, but how you go about doing it. So, ask yourself, to get what I want, do I need to BE more resourceful, brave, imaginative, confident, relaxed, approachable, risk-taking or trusting?

Once you know what you want and have aligned your perspective, you can then get on with all the doing to make your dreams happen….and let’s not hear that awful word, TRY – remember, as Yoda said, DO or DO NOT DO, there is no TRY! It’s just a sloppy way to get out of doing anything and simply sets you up to fail!

As you forge ahead, guard your every thought and word – check out my earlier blog on retraining the mind – if your thoughts produce your reality, what thoughts do you need to subscribe to more fervently, frequently, unswervingly and passionately? Speak only of what you can do, not of what you can’t; of what you want to be, do and have, not of what you’re afraid might happen.

Challenge the way you see yourself. If you’re not someone who sings in public, but you would love to do it, then take lessons and sign up for a local spot at an Open Mic event one evening! If you think you have two left feet as you enviously watch them all on “Strictly”, get out there and join a salsa class! Mastering small, perceived limitations will encourage you to take on bigger ones. Don’t terrify yourself by taking on too much at first – this just gives you an easy excuse to give up too soon. Push the boundaries gently, take baby steps and give yourself ample time, space and scope to manoeuvre – it really is all in the mind!


Your perspective, alone, creates your thoughts and your thoughts create your reality. It is your strongest thoughts that have made you who you are today. Who you are in the future is entirely up to you.

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