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The spirit of Christmas Present

As Christmas fast approaches, it may well be the time when a few of us choose to look back. Some reflection is certainly healthy, however, when it comes to looking ahead (bearing in mind it was Einstein who said, “I never think of the future, it always comes around soon enough!”), how about we leave the forward planning alone for a bit and simply do our best to enjoy the present moment?

For me, the most magical time must be Halloween!!…. but the year-end is equally special, a time filled with wonder and promise…. if and when we decide to look at things differently.

The usual frenetic run-up to the holidays, the mad rush-around to see friends and have family get-togethers, followed by the all too familiar plummeting anti-climax of the New Year, can certainly take us far away from the true meaning of Christmas. In learning to live in the present with my own emotional demons, as opposed to continuing to fight or hide from them, there has been the realisation that by staying truly present during life’s dramas, it is this that lies at the heart of being able to flow through life, instead of constantly having to struggle with it.

We know that life will always have its ups and downs, whether it’s Christmastime or not, but do we always manage to remember this, moment by moment? Indeed, life has its triumphs and its tragedies, its good and bad days, its miseries and its miracles, but through it all, the only thing we have for sure, is this gift we call the present…. not the past, or the future, but simply the moment we’re living and breathing right now.

This shift in perspective has certainly opened my own eyes to the fact that every new day offers some form of blessing, some lesson or opportunity, some connection to something great that gives us sustenance, just as long as we remember to keep our senses open to all that’s around us.

So, while all the madness of the merry-making continues, remember no emotion you experience will ever kill you. Ultimately, you are in control, even if what you’re feeling is truly terrifying. In staying present and allowing any emotion to run its natural course, you are assuring and ensuring yourself of complete relief.

Remember to stay present and allow your emotions to co-exist with you; don’t attempt to stifle or kill them or grip them too tightly as they arrive on the scene. Learn to live with them – they are a part of you – they can, and will, flow through you eventually, as you start to work with them, not against them. Exercise as hard as you like, go for long, contemplative walks, keep a spiritual journal: these are all excellent ways to work through those difficult times, providing you stay present with your emotions.

So, everyone, here’s to life, love, health and happiness the world over, as we wish all inhabitants of this most beautiful planet we call, Earth, a truly special time this Christmas – let’s give peace a chance, for goodness sake, and let’s hope it’s a good one!!

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