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Our worst fears

Clients present in the therapy room with many underlying fears, many of which can be quite debilitating, generally preventing people from living their lives to the full.

At best, people may go a little off-track for a while; at worst, they can feel totally lost, as though floundering in an ocean, even completely paralysed, unable to find meaning in anything they do.

Building on the theme of self-talk, remember if we want to see real change in our lives, the consistent and regular practice of re-programming ourselves cannot be over-estimated. The only way to rid ourselves of recurring, negative life experiences is not to simply stop talking about our fears, but to transform them into more positive, manageable expectations…….and we all know that the law of expectation, just as with any universal law (be it the law of gravity, cause & effect or attraction, whether we understand this law or not), it is always in operation.

Remember, don’t just make it an intellectual exercise – you have to feel it, really intensely! In other words, ‘fake it till you make it’, and keep up the good work!


  • For your career: everybody at work appreciates me. (instead of: no-one ever sees my value here)


  • For your home: I love my perfect home and I accept it now. (instead of: I’ll never have a place of my own)



  • For your family: I accept my loved ones and they, in turn, accept and love me for who I am. (instead of: no-one understands me)


  • For your finances: I trust that all my needs are taken care of. (instead of: I’m afraid of being poor)



  • For your health: I always attract the help I need. (instead of: I’m afraid of being ill and not being able to take care of myself)


  • For your body: I appreciate my body. (instead of: I’m so fat and ugly)



  • For your relationships: I give and receive love easily. (instead of: nobody loves me)


  • For ageing: every age has infinite possibilities. (instead of: I’m scared of getting old)



  • For when we go: I trust in life and die peacefully when the time is right. (instead of: I’m scared of dying)

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