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As the kids return to school, it may be an opportune time to consider the rules that we, as adults, choose to follow.

Teachers used to tell us when to stand up, sit down, when to do what at school. Parents told us when to sleep, eat, play, do homework etc. We need rules as children – they provide good boundaries and teach us discipline.

Today, however, we may still, inadvertently, be living by a set of rules that hold us back instead of setting us free. We may need to carefully re-assess the rules that govern our lives. We can choose whether to keep them or not, if they fit our needs today. We can discard or modify them if they don’t help. We don’t have to stick to the same old rules purely out of habit.

We can create our own rules, using the following criteria:

Does this rule or guideline enhance my life? Does it enable me to be a more creative and fulfilled person? Or does it constrict or restrict me, keeping me bound to an obligation from the past?

Today, I can discard all the old rules that are holding me back and choose to follow new guidelines that are empowering, feel comfortable and, ultimately, set me free!

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