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Things can only get better!

Never underestimate the POWER you have lying dormant within you!

In Bengali, Hindi and Urdu, we call this inner power, SHAKTI, originating from the old Sanskrit language. It translates into English as energy, ability, strength, effort, power and capability. 

Shakti itself, from ancient Hindu philosophy, is defined as primordial cosmic energy, representing the dynamic forces that are thought to move through the Universe. This energy is both creative, sustaining life, as well as destructive, which may explain why some people experience equal measures of success-making and self-sabotaging tendencies!

The more we can connect to this One Infinite Power, the more freedom we find in all areas of our lives. This life force energy, that exists everywhere, lives in all of us, too. It sits quietly, simply waiting for us to tap into it and to have it fully unleashed.


As a perfect power, it lovingly directs us towards perfection when it comes to health, careers and relationships, bringing us prosperity of every kind. Now, who on earth would say no to any of that!?! Maybe those of you who say, it sounds too good to be true? ….and therein lies the problem – your doubt or a simple lack of BELIEF.

For, in order to access all of these wonderful goodies, there is a vital 3-step process to follow:

Firstly, we must choose to believe that everything mentioned above is 100% possible for us.

Secondly, we must be willing to release ourselves from the barriers and blockages that created any, and all such, unwanted conditions in our lives.

Finally, we must put our TRUST in this power completely, allowing it to guide us in our actions, like an internal sat-nav or moral compass, every moment of every day.

Once you awaken to this discovery, as a result of your own experiences, you realise that this power has always been within you, from birth, and absolutely knows what’s best for YOU. There is, no longer, any doubt. You just know……

Are you feeling excitement, or fear, at the prospect of turning your LIFE over to this incredible FORCE that resides within you? Are you feeling brave enough or even ready to consider surrendering to this power that loves and sustains you, unconditionally?

Things can, indeed, only get better, as Professor Brian Cox said back in the day – and D-Ream as much as you like – because, believe me, it’s a whole new world when you do!

As I continue my celebrations for my really BIG YEAR, this year, love, light and blessings to you ALL.

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