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When things don’t work…..

Frequently, when faced with challenges, we may attempt to solve it in a particular way: in a way that doesn’t always work – yet we continue to hammer away, in exactly the same way.

We may get frustrated, work even harder, get more frustrated and then exert more energy and influence into forcing the same solution that we already know, deep down, doesn’t work.

This approach drives us crazy. It tends to keep us stuck and feel trapped. It is the stuff that unmanageability is made of!

We can get caught in the same difficult pattern in relationships, in tasks, in any area of our lives. We initiate something, it doesn’t work, doesn’t flow, we feel bad, then we do the same thing, harder, even though it’s not working or flowing.

Sometimes, it’s appropriate to keep on going and have another go, try even harder, but other times, it might be ok to let go and to stop trying so hard.

Persistence may be a worthwhile trait, but if it doesn’t work, if it’s not flowing, maybe Life is trying to tell us something?? Life is truly a gentle teacher….it doesn’t light up the road ahead with a giant neon sign….its signs are usually much more subtle – and something not working might be just such a sign!

Let go. If we become frustrated with repeated efforts not producing the desired results, we may be forcing ourselves down the wrong path, going against what’s meant to be. Sometimes, a different solution is appropriate. Sometimes, a different path opens up when we do let go. Often, the answer emerges more clearly in the quietness of letting go than in the urgency, frustration and desperation of pushing harder.

Learning to recognise when something isn’t working or flowing is a valuable lesson we can all take from Life. Take time to step back – be patient and wait for clear guidance to show up. It always does.

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