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Holiday Healing

Sometimes the people we love do things we don’t like. They react at our disapproval. Then we react and they react again…..before long, we’re all reacting to each other and the situation escalates – sound familiar?

When do we detach? We talked about healthy detaching a few blogs ago. We know when we’re hooked, because there is anger, fear, guilt or shame in our reactions. We know we’re involved in a power play – an attempt to control or force others to do something they don’t want…..and the way we’re reacting isn’t helping the other person or solving the problem and it’s also hurting us.

This is the time to detach – when the time to do it seems the most unlikely or possible thing to do. The first step is to understand that reacting and controlling don’t help. The next step is to get peaceful – get centred and restore our balance.

Take a walk, leave the room, go to a meeting, take a long hot bath, call a friend, call on God! Breathe deeply. Find your inner peace….and from that place of peace will emerge an answer – the solution you’re looking for……surrender and trust that the answer is there.


“Learn not to grow impatient with the slow healing process of time. Discipline yourselves to recognise there are many steps to be taken along the road leading from sorrow to renewed serenity …..anticipate these stages in your emotional convalescence: unbearable pain, poignant grief, empty days, resistance to consolation, indifference, disinterest in life, all gradually giving way .…to the new weaving of a pattern of action and an acceptance of the irresistible challenge of life.”

— Joshua Loth Liebman

 Merry Christmas

May the year-end bring our planet together in peace and harmony.

Wishing you all a wonderful winter holiday. Here’s to health, wealth and wisdom for 2022!

Much love & a very merry Christmas from ALL at Inspirational Winners xxx

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