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Distraction to Depth

Latest research shows that most people are unable to secure even an hour of uninterrupted time, such are the current, continued distractions we have in our lives …..and with another Christmas, fast approaching, it’s not likely to be getting
any easier!
In fact, never have we been more distracted! The internet and our digital devices make it difficult for us to make the most
of our precious time. Stretching the regular 8 or 9 work hours into home life, no wonder people complain that their
personal and professional lives are suffering. 
How do we find a way to focus our minds so that we can give some real attention to those long-term projects?
Woman distracted by technology
When concentrating on deep, creative work, this needs to be performed in what we call the “flow state”, also known as operating “in the zone”. If we can’t remove the distractions, then in order to enhance our productivity, we must learn to minimise the effect of all these distractions. This shift of distraction to depth is vital if we are to reach and fulfil our
Our brains need room for this, so here goes with my Fab Five ways on how to do it:
1. Meditate: as a daily practice, this gets your brain into shape for deep work. You can do it anywhere, at any time. Five minutes a day on the way to work on the train or bus (don’t do it while you’re driving!) – start small and practise every
day – consistency is the key.
2. Plan your day: this creates rhythm and direction. Start your day by writing down two or three priorities for that day, scheduling time in the calendar to work on them. Turn off all your devices and, if possible, stay out of the reach of others
during those designated slots.
3. Avoid multitasking: when you juggle between tasks, you end up performing poorly, overall. This is especially true
for complex, high-impact tasks. One thing at a time is the best way.
4. Relax and rejuvenate: deep work is intense. It is impossible to sustain it without allotting enough time for rest and recovery. Take breaks between sessions, at the end of every day and also over the weekend. Indulge in
activities that help you relax and refresh.
5. …….and finally, reign in that phone!!
Don’t let your phone steal your focus and attention. Make these tweaks to get the maximum benefits from your phone
without the accompanying distractions:
  • Turn off all but critical notifications
  • Turn on flight mode during deep work sessions
  • Clean your home screen and keep only the important apps visible
  • Schedule inbox and social media check-ins to avoid mindless scrolling
  • Keep phones away from the bedroom
  • Use a separate alarm device
     How simple was that!?! So, folks, stay focused and never, ever again, be distracted!!!

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