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One at a Time

Quicksilver runs through these Gemini veins….and my sense of the urgent, with its corresponding stratospheric energy levels, has been driving others to distraction on a regular basis, for as long as I can remember!

When it’s full steam ahead and there’s a job to do, it’s “all hands on deck” for me, or you have just got to get out the way! This woman is on a mission and she’s not about to take any of you as prisoners! Scary, or what?

Big journeys begin with small steps motivational quoteI get it, I honestly do, I know I can be a real pain when I have that focused head on. I make no apology, though, because you can’t say things don’t get done …..and no-one seems to mind, in the end (more like, full of appreciation!), when we have the bonus of a whole myriad of mini-miracles appearing everywhere, simply as a bi-product of all that magical energy!

Not only an A-team expression: “I just love it when a plan comes together” is my motto, too!

Since I was a kid, as slippery as soap and as sharp as a razor blade, I’ve been able to think fast, talk fast, act fast – I always have – much to each of my parent’s delight, dismay, despair and distraction – all in equal measure! ……or should that be …….had?

If the last year or so, has taught me anything, it’s been about the challenge of learning how to let go of my sense of urgency to make things happen. As painful as this may have been, I’m so grateful that this is where I’m at now: still appreciating the value of focus, but now focusing only on one thing at a time.

That’s all any of us have to do.

Not two things at once, it’s not necessary. Just one thing, done in peace.

One task at a time.

One feeling at a time.

One day at a time.

One challenge at a time.

One step at a time.

One pleasure at a time.

Relax ……and breathe.

Let go of urgency. It doesn’t all need to be done now – we can space everything out to avoid feeling overwhelmed – take our time – we have all the time in the world.

Begin calmly, take it nice and steady – watch things unfold at their own pace and see how it all works out fine, anyway.

Peacefully, I approach all things, and when in doubt, I allow myself to be led, not by my head, but by my heart.

As I navigate my way around this new ship, sailing into unchartered waters (going where no-one may have gone before!!), it’s now more a feeling of steady exuberance!!!

Delighted to find, with all the gung-ho hassles now having gone home, there is still much fun to be had! ……one fun thing at a time……yay! ……stay safe and enjoy Guy Fawkes Night!

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