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Energy of the New Moon

Have you been feeling drained or tired for no apparent reason, or extremely emotional? Having competed like their lives depended on it, Team GB are certain to be experiencing some level of energy drain at the close of the Olympic Games, but this isn’t likely to be the reason for the rest of us……

The reality is that when we’re not feeling joyful, abundant or inspired, we’re not at one with ourselves. We’re more than likely to be looking at life through a clouded, dis-coloured filter… one that’s keeping us from the truth of who and what we really are, as we wrestle and interpret our lives from that unhealthy place of judgment or criticism.
When negative emotions, such as fear, anger, denial, control or doubt show up, they can drain us of our vital, life source, energy. Take a look at the following examples and ask yourself if anything resonates……

If you feel you can’t bear to confront something, you’re likely to be in fear.

If you refuse to forgive someone or something, you’re probably in anger.

If you think you’re “fine” and have no-one to forgive, you could be in denial.

If you think you’ve moved on from past hurts, but continue to feel unsettled, you might be forcing yourself to believe you’re healed.

If you’re waiting for other people in your life to admit they’re wrong or apologise, before you decide to forgive them, you may be showing signs of control.

If you’re allowing doubt to creep in, you’re probably listening to an internal voice that’s sabotaging your healing.

These examples may show up in slightly different ways for all of us, however, the root cause is always down to a lack of the one same thing: compassion… for ourselves, for other people and ultimately, for the planet.


Our souls are craving love, healing, forgiveness and connection! It is only when we say, “Hi” to the “Heart’s Intelligence” and tap into it fully, that we are able to reconnect to that unlimited source of energy, available to all of us, at any time, all of the time, and so discover our true potential!


Heart-Brain Harmony is vital if we are to operate at our optimal best. To retain high levels of life source energy within us, we must correct any misalignment of this heart-brain connection, which is the reason we see any and all physical ailments draining our energy levels.


So, if you’ve felt a bit “off” recently and are in need of some re-ignition of your passion, I’d really encourage you to dig deep into your soul this New Moon and give us a call. Looking forward to seeing you soon and to revitalizing that all-important life source energy!

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