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Space De-Clutter

The GREAT summer SPACE de-clutter!

As we witness the start of the Tokyo Games, wouldn’t it be ace if we could just sort out our life’s accumulated stuff? To do it, Olympic style, once and for all? Yes, indeed! To clear all those blocked energy channels and create some much-needed SPACE?

Oh yes, I love space! The final frontier, and all that……ok, ok, I hear you say! Anyway…..

Clutter seems to have this insidious way of invading our lives in a number of forms:

1. Physical clutter
2. Paper clutter
3. Digital clutter
4. Emotional clutter

Once it’s there, it begins to wreak all sorts of havoc. Our wellbeing is so dependent on free-flowing energy that we really do need to recognise the importance of a proper clear out.

Below is one of the best lists around on how to find more of that all-important stuff I call, SPACE!

Naturally, no list is of any use unless it sees some action, so please feel free to take action – or not, as the case may be. As I don’t do advice, I simply share, the choice is entirely yours.

However, if you do decide to go for it, please take it steady and only attempt one a day!

If you are either lucky or brave enough to be able to take one full calendar month off work, by the end of a mere 31 days, you may actually find your life completely transformed!

So, as Mary Poppins would say: spit-spot, off you trot!! ….and remember, You CAN do it!!


  1. Have all your important documents safely stored and well filed.
  2. Get regular payments scheduled into your calendar and, where possible, all direct debited.
  3. Automatically set email messages to move from your inbox into specifically named folders.
  4. Check all electrical leads, equipment and appliances for cleaning, storage or maintenance.
  5. Clear your medicine cabinet and check expiry dates, then top up any low volume items.
  6. Check all your door and window locks for function, effectiveness and maintenance.
  7. If you have a car, book its next service – check oil, water, battery, filters and air in all tyres.
  8. Select your favourite tools for regular jobs and discard the rest. You don’t need 6 saws!
  9. Fix any leaky taps and clean all drains, sinks, bidets, baths, showers and toilets.
  10. Clean out and organise the contents of your wallets and bags.
  11. Empty out all drawers in your home, then clean and organise.
  12. Choose your messiest cupboard, empty it and re-organise its contents.
  13. Clean your grill, oven and stove/cooker top.
  14. Computer files a mess? Choose and do a 60-minute, focused job to organise them.
  15. Consolidate all loans into one, cut up your credit cards and focus on financial liberation.
  16. Write your own “Bucket List” and take action on one item.
  17. Declare a “Do Nothing Day” each month and really, do NOTHING that day!
  18. Set aside 30-minutes to call someone you’ve been meaning to call for ages.
  19. Eliminate one of your unrealistic expectations for this month or year.
  20. Give away or discard clothes that don’t fit or that you haven’t worn for a year.
  21. Enter all your friends’ and relations’ birthdays into your calendar.
  22. Get business/personal cards printed for yourself – handy when meeting new people!
  23. Get rid of or give away three things that you don’t love having around or never use.
  24. Write down anything that needs fixing, then schedule a day for only fixing things!
  25. Go through every piece of paper on your desk and deal with it.
  26. Group and store all like or similar items together, so they’re easy to find when needed.
  27. Buy a collection of greeting cards and small gifts to have handy for surprise events.
  28. Looked under your bed lately, or behind sofas and on tops of cupboards? Do a tidy up!
  29. If you died, could your family find all the information they needed? Get this sorted now!
  30. Ask yourself often: Is there a more efficient, effective or automatic way of doing this?
  31. In those spare moments, if you have a job that takes less than 2 minutes, do it right now!


Who doesn’t love Mary Poppins?!! Fun and Freedom are my two most important, core values and I do my utmost to live by them, each and every day, all day long!

So, if it’s a pain doing it, then you won’t be seeing me do it! Make it fun and free-flowing and I’ll sing and dance along with the best of them!!

Not rocket science, you know………..and talking of rockets….let me get back to that final frontier………LL&P, folks, and have a GREAT summer!!

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