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From Isolation to Connection

During the last 12 months or so, I’m proud to be able to say my clients have devoted their energies to cultivating awareness and kindness towards themselves. They have developed their ability to know, moment by moment, the thoughts, feelings and sensations that are flowing through their mind and body. In turn, this has helped them to choose useful responses to thoughts and sensations, rather than automatically reacting to them in their usual, maybe more judgmental, habitual manner.

They have also felt the power of acceptance and compassion first-hand and this, in turn, has helped them to appreciate life’s simple pleasures. Crucially, they have also learned how to saturate their awareness with warmth and kindness, at long last beginning to treat themselves as they would naturally respond to a loved one in pain.

We know only too well, though, that when life becomes dominated by problems and suffering, it can be difficult to extend warmth and compassion to others. We tend to return to our darkened caves during these times, choosing the life of a recluse, until we feel able to face the world again. For those of you who know anything about Tarot, this is reminiscent of the Hermit – the Major Arcana card that represents patience and experience. Any sudden course of action is not considered wise now, with the realisation that there is something new to learn from this quiet time of semi-hibernation. Even if this card is dealt as reversed, it still represents taking on the advice from older, wiser folk.

Pain and suffering can make us feel isolated – the last year is certainly proof of that. This is yet another symptom of that invisible thing we call, stress…..and over the months and years, this symptom can become progressively more real as physical pain takes over, indeed isolating us even further.

We can take steps to keep our body chemistry in its natural alkaline state, rather than having it turn acidic – the only place we’re meant to have acid in our bodies is the stomach! Eliminate the toxic thoughts and feelings, and we automatically return the body to its natural, healthy, alkaline self.

Keeping our intellect out of the way (which is actually the ego and personality) is key, if we are to allow ourselves to reconnect with our soul. Recognise that we have access to what Jung called, the Collective Unconscious. Through quiet reflection and the resultant release of the bonding hormone, oxytocin, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you regain a sense of connected equilibrium, no matter how many bad moments you may be having in your day.

All of this depends on swapping our attention and reliance from the logical, left brain to that of our intuitive, right brain – the creative, limitless part of us that we seem to have lost over the years. With the advancement of technology, the bombardment of social media and the over-reliance on facts, ignoring our instincts, is it any wonder we make decisions that are not always in our best interests?

Sometimes, we just KNOW – we don’t need facts. This is a FEELING universe because everything operates as energy. When we describe a building, we may talk about its size, structure, colour, design, condition etc. Rarely, do we talk about the feeling of the building – we just don’t seem to go there – people think you’re a bit strange when you do! However, everything really does have a feeling – whether it’s a place, a person, an animal, even an inanimate object – they are all vibrating at different frequencies, all of which can be felt at some level or another. This is invaluable information that we are no longer using – and missing out on so much as a result.

To reconnect with each other, we don’t need to be physically in the same room – we just need to suspend all judgement, thereby removing the filters with which we view all new, incoming data. The energetic connection to everyone in our lives is what my clients have focused on and learnt to develop over these most challenging of months. Forever grateful in the knowledge that we truly are ONE, it is only with this awakening that people are manifesting a fully integrated form of healing.

No matter how far apart we are, physically, remember that it is only with the ability to reach this deep, soulful place within ourselves, first, that we are able to then reach our resolutions together.

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