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Celebrate the season of Advent

The 1st of December is here, and with it we see the next four Sundays preparing us for the arrival of Christmas. The New Year is then just around the corner, so what is it you want to see arrive for you in 2018?

“People are always blaming circumstances for who or what they are: I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they can’t find them, they create them.” George Bernard Shaw

We are all in the gutter; it’s just that some of us are looking up at the stars.” Oscar Wilde

We can learn much from the inspired thinking of these literary geniuses. We can accept that the artistry we were born with as children comes out naturally and our circumstances stop being good, bad, right or wrong: they simply become the raw material for our next creation.

When we take the best of what’s inside us and then use this as the true formula to create success, we stop chasing goals and, instead, we discover the natural fruits of our very essence. We no longer feel limited by what has happened to us in the past, or what may happen to us in the future, because deep down we know that our lives can be anything we wish to create.

Your life is a blank canvas and you can give yourself permission to create absolutely anything. See this in your mind’s eye as clearly as possible and feel it as though it were already here. See if you can start each new day as if you had no past, and see if you can get through a whole 24 hours without having a single opinion about anything at all!

If you’re not entirely happy with what you’ve created so far, recognise there is an amazing power that lies within you; seek out whatever support you need and learn the joy that it is to be able to start all over again.

It really is entirely in our hands – how we create our lives, either through deliberate intent, or by having everything appear by default.

So, celebrate this Advent as a time of preparation for your future, and this time next year?? Who knows? ………..You do, of course!!!!!

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